Nature of Business

The company and its subsidiaries have operated the hotel, real estate development, and food and beverage business. As of December 31, 2019, the company has 6 hotel projects, consisting of 5 hotels that are currently in operation and 1 hotel that is under development. The company has 3 residential projects, 2 out of 3 are ready to move in and another is under construction. Besides, the company group own 13 restaurants and cafés

The business operation of the Company is divided into 3 business groups:

Hotel Business

Hotel business group consists of hotels and resorts that focusing on investment in a potential location near tourist attractions and convenient transportation consists of a variety of transportation to be in line with the target group including providing international standard service based on the attention of professional staff. Providing a variety of rooms as well as other services such as restaurants, meeting rooms, banquet rooms, swimming pools, fitness facilities and many other under the concept of making each hotel unique, typical of the companies to create a good experience and memorable to customers.

Property Development Business

The property development business consists of low-rise residential condominium projects and high-rise residential condominium projects and pool villas that focus on the development of condominium projects to meet the needs of residents in potential locations and designing unique projects that stand out to gives the feeling of being stay in a hotel of the companies including provide after-sales service to make residents get a good impression. There will be a customer service department that provides after-sales services such as coordinating between project clients and juristic persons, inspection of rooms and transfer of ownership to residents, etc.

Food and Beverage Business

The food and beverage business consists of café, desserts and beverages that create new unique food and desserts that meet diverse needs of customers with quality products and services.