Vision & Mission

With an aim to go become top-notch in hotel and property development, also food and beverage business, the Group positions itself as a first choice of people’s decision, assuring an impressive experience and service for customers beyond their expectation when it comes to options of accommodation, restaurant and so on. However, seeing the importance of growing sustainably, the company has created a concrete business strategy and guideline for internal and external understanding. In addition, the corporate communication coming from top-down to all levels of employees helps to bring a unity, also a sense of being part of the company’s success which leads everyone to the same goal. At the present time, the company comes up with the vision, mission, and operational goal as follows.


Develop hotels, resorts, residences and lifestyle businesses that focus on customers experience and put great emphasis on design


Build unique lifestyle businesses and create impressive and memorable experience for long-term popularity


  • Value Maximize stakeholder value
  • Accountability Responsibility for stakeholders
  • Lean Entrepreneur Spirit.
  • Unique Design Focus on differentiation.
  • Experience Create memorable experience