Anti-Corruption Policy

The Company operates business with transparency and realizes the importance of anti-corruption in all forms by operating the business legally and beneficially to the society, supporting employees to work with morality and be good citizens. The Company has set the anti-corruption policy in order to be a guideline of preventing from and resisting against the Company’s corruption more clearly by creating a corporate culture for everyone to recognize the danger of corruption, creating correct values and increasing confidence among all stakeholders so as to effectively fight against corruption as summarized below:

  • The directors, executives, employees at all levels of the Company and its subsidiaries must not engage with all forms of corruption both directly and indirectly. Bribery and undue exploitation in various forms, such as requesting, accepting or offering assets including any other benefits with government officials or any other persons doing business with the Company for the benefit of others or creating business opportunities for the Company are prohibited either.
  • The Company has a policy to comply with laws and standards in accordance with anti-corruption in Thailand and in all countries where its representatives are doing business on behalf of the Company.
  • This policy extends to agents, contractors, or anyone acting on behalf of the Company and its subsidiaries.
  • If the directors, executives and employees take any actions that violate or do not comply with this policy whether directly or indirectly, they will be disciplined under disciplinary procedures in accordance with the regulations stipulated by the Company or punishable by law. However, the Company’s personnel and its subsidiaries must understand and comply with the anti-corruption policy in every step of the operation. If seeing actions that are against this policy, it is a must to inform the supervisor or the department/responsible persons immediately.
  • Supervisors who ignore the violation of their subordinates or whose subordinates do not comply with this policy or who are aware of the said act, but fail to manage, fix or report clues will be taken disciplinary actions in accordance with the regulations set by the Company.
  • Agents or contractors of the Company who violate this policy will be terminated their contracts with the Company.
  • The Company will not punish, demote, or cause negative impact to any directors, executives and employees who deny corruption although the said denial would cause the Company to lose business opportunity.
  • The Board of Directors of the Company are doing their duties and taking their responsibilities to set policies and to supervise an efficient anti-corruption system in order to ensure that the management teams recognize the importance of combating corruption and instilling such values into the culture of the organization.
  • The Audit Committee has a duty and responsibility to review the financial and accounting report systems, the internal control system, the internal audit system, and the risk management system to ensure that they meet the international standards, precision, modernity, and efficiency.
  • Management team has a duty and responsibility to establish a system for promotion, support anticorruption policies, communicate with personnel at all levels, as well as reconsider, review, and amend systems and measures to be in consistent with changes and periodically assess risks towards corruption so as to identify high-risk incidents and find appropriate preventive and corrective measures.
  • Internal auditors have a duty and responsibility to inspect and review the operations whether they run correctly and in compliance with the policy, guidelines, operational authority, regulations and laws in order to ensure that those control systems are appropriate and concise to resist against anti-corruption and report to the Audit Committee.
  • Since the Company recognizes the importance of establishing good business relationships with various suppliers, this policy does not prohibit any action which is transparent, appearing a normal part of the business that laws, regulations, local customs or trade practice allow to do so such as entertainment, hospitality activities, giving or accepting gifts on special occasions as appropriately and reasonably along with business ethics guidelines.
  • Entertaining, banquet, giving or accepting gifts on special occasions can be done when
    • they are not acting to induce to do or not to do any actions inappropriately, influencing business decisions or resulting in unfair benefits
    • they are not violating this policy, the ethics policy regarding corporate operations or any related laws
    • giving or receiving gifts is done on behalf of the Company, not in the name of a person as an individual.
    • they are acting appropriately upon deserving occasions, customary and traditional practices such as exchanging gifts at the New Year’s party.
    • Exchange of gifts has been done openly.
    • Hospitality activities can be done as necessary and with reasonable expenses, without extravagance or with unreasonable frequency.
  • The political assistance is a financial assistance or other things given to political parties and politicians including loans, donations of money and property as well as various services.
  • The Company has a neutral political policy. There is no policy to assist in politics or to take side in any political parties.
  • Directors, executives and employees of the Company and its subsidiaries have right and freedom according to the constitution and related laws to participate in political activities such as election vote, referendum, etc. The directors, executives and employees of the Company must not use assets, resources or working hours of the Company to provide services on behalf of the Company or claim the Company name in supporting political activities or do any actions that may cause an understanding that the Company is getting involved or supporting any parties.
  • Charitable donations can only be made in accordance with the Company’s charitable policy and the Company’s practices without claiming benefits from recipients of donations.
  • Financial support (Sponsorship) is different from charitable donations as it is a means of Publicizing the business Operations of the Company.
  • Directors, executives and employees of the Company and its subsidiaries must be careful not to allow charitable donations and financial support to concealbribery. The charitable donations and sponsors must go through a transparent consideration process and in accordance with relevant laws or regulations by writing to state the purpose of donations for charity and support along with other supporting documents to the authority for approval at each level.
  • Complaints and reports of corruption are the duty of personnel at all levels of the Company and its subsidiaries to report the clues of corruption by anonymous through the methods and channels as follows.

    By E-mail,

    contact the Secretary of the Audit Committee or the Chairman of the Audit Committee,
    E-mail :

    Chief Executive Officer
    E-mail :

    By mail,

    Contact the Secretary of the Audit Committee or the Chairman of the Audit Committee or Chief Executive Officer at :
    Veranda Resort Public Company Limited
    555 Rasa Tower Unit 2701-2704, 27th Floor, Phahonyothin Road, Chatuchak Subdistrict, Chatuchak District, Bangkok 10900
    Telephone : (66)2 513 3003

  • Directors, executives and employees of the Company and all its subsidiaries have a duty to cooperate in the investigation of corruption.
  • The Company will arrange to communicate the anticorruption policy to departments at all levels in the Company and its subsidiaries through various channels such as the training of the Company’s personnel and subsidiaries periodically to be aware of various forms of corruption, the risk of being involved in corruption and methods of reporting clues for the concerned parties to know and to implement the policy. The said training will be a part of the training for new employees of the Company.
  • If directors, executives and employees have any questions regarding this policy or any anti-corruption measures, they can inquire at the Audit Committee Secretary
    E-mail :
Any person who does anything intentionally that does not comply with this policy including behaviors that are bullying, intimidating or discriminating with unrighteous means to the complainant or clues or persons involved in the complaint or clues in accordance with this policy due to the complaint or to report clues to the offense shall be disciplined and must be responsible to indemnify the Company or those affected by the said actions including civil and criminal liability or any other relevant laws.