Corporate Governance Policy

The Company recognizes the importance of good corporate governance, that is, it enhances the effectiveness of the Company’s operations as well as contributes to the Company’s sustainable growth. Hence, good corporate governance will bring maximum benefits to all related parties, including our employees, investors, shareholders, and other stakeholders. In light of this, the Board of Directors deems it fit that a good corporate governance policy be established to embrace significant principles such as the structure, role, duty, and responsibility of the Board of Directors, as well as principles of executive’s management that should be transparent, clear, and subject to inspection. These principles shall guide the Company’s management and reassure that the Company will operate with fairness and consider the benefits of shareholders and all stakeholders. The Company’s corporate governance policy also adheres to and complies with the 2017 Principles of Good Corporate Governance of Listed Companies set by the Office of Securities and Exchange Commission’s guidelines.